Is Listening to Rain Sounds Good for Sleep?

Most people get excited when it rains at night. That joy comes from the belief that the rain will give them a good night’s rest. Scientifically speaking, there could be some truth to that.

The number one reason why you may feel a little more sluggish or too relaxed when it rains is because of the air pressure. Air pressure decreases when it rains. Along with the low air pressure, the air is also filled with a lot of water vapor. The combination of low air pressure and water vapor inadvertently lowers the oxygen levels in the air, making your brain feel tired. When it rains, negative ions are released and that leads to people feeling more relaxed and comfortable. High humidity also has a huge impact on how tired you feel when it rains. At this time, your body is fighting to maintain homeostasis and this can lead to you feeling tired and wanting to rest.

The second reason is the continual, rhythmic hum of pounding rain is surprisingly relaxing. It’s a calming, non-threatening noise that is like a massage for the brain. When it rains, the sky can often become overcast and dark, meaning your body might start secreting melatonin earlier in the day, causing you to feel much more tired.

Another reason why rain makes you feel sleepy is that there isn’t much to do on a wet, overcast, cold day. If the rain is pelting down, you might cancel your outdoor activities and end up staying indoors. Being so inactive can make you feel more tired than you usually would. This might end up with you napping on the sofa to the rhythmic rain sounds.

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