How to Get Better Sleep in a Hotel Room

If you suffer from insomnia when you travel, you are not alone. All that fluffy hotel bedding can you make you feel like a king or queen. However, there’s no place quite like home, and being in a strange place can keep your brain on high-alert. Especially with factors like the stress of business traveling, an impending meeting that requires making a deal, and being in a new, unknown environment. 

However, that doesn't mean you're doomed to suffer through a night of unrest.

There are many actions you can take to help you sleep better in hotels. Wearing your own pajamas can help make your environment more familiar. Also, check the thermostat and set it to the magical 60 to 68-degree range. Keeping the room dark is usually a breeze because hotels often have thick curtains to block out the light.

If you require a certain type of pillow, bring your own from home to ensure you will be comfortable. Other familiar items from home may also help you adjust to the new environment of a hotel room. If you’re worried about noise, consider bringing a white noise machine or ear plugs to mask disruptive sounds. 

If you’re still feeling restless, anxious, or stressed on your night away, try some relaxation techniques to calm your body and promote better sleep. Substituting a deep breathing exercise for scrolling through your phone, for example, is one easy way to improve your sleep quality and cardiovascular function. 

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